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Many people do not understand the importance of learning languages. People master mathematics to train them to think logically and systematically, while learning languages ​​is to train narrative sequences and wisdom to behave.

How can it be? Because language learning is a unit with learning culture. Through language learning we recognize the mindset, pattern of action, and habits of people from other nations, and thus we will also get to know their own culture.

Learning a language including grammar and how to speak will affect us to improve the way we speak. In addition to the benefits of language learning that has been mentioned, there is one more benefit of language learning, which is to open the broadest horizons of knowledge. Through language learning such as opening a new window to see the world and enrich perspective.

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Mengikuti program pembelajaran Bahasa Jerman di Optimalstudia merupakan pilihan yang tepat bagi saya. Suasana belajar dan pengajar yang mendukung, serta layanan informasi terkini mengenai studi di Jerman membuat saya tetap semangat berjuang.

Optimalstudia tidak hanya membangun pelajar untuk bisa berbahasa, namun juga turut membantu membangun masa depan murid-muridnya. Kesuksesan saya dalam meraih cita-cita untuk studi di Jerman juga merupakan kesuksesan para pengajar dan staff Optimalstudia yang telah membimbing saya selama ini.


OptimalStudia hat interessante Unterrichten mit freundlichen Lehrern und Lehrerinnen, die mir die deutsche Sprache beibringen können. Erfahren, professionell, und amüsant. Ich bedauere nicht in OS zu lernen.

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